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Processed kaas

We are a dedicated team of cheesewizards who work every day to make your life and that of your customers happier with our functional cheese products. We are proud to combine high-end technology and our expertise with our rich family tradition and sustainable relationships with reliable partners.

For us, everything revolves around partnership. We guide you and your team towards the best possible tailor-made processed cheese solution for your cheese product, constantly working on the development of quality, functionality, and an accompanying state-of-the-art machine park. Our process philosophy of single treatment of every ingredient guarantees consistent quality in every product we deliver.

When developing new customer-specific products, it is about finding the right cheese preparation, desired functionality, processing of ingredients, desired texture and taste, and most suitable packaging together. We deliver consistent quality and continuously improve the agreed product.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with processed cheese enable us to successfully support, guide, and advise our customers in choosing the right product. We continue to innovate and invest in our production facilities to efficiently produce a high-quality end product.

In short, we are your partner in cheese solutions – let us turn your needs into the perfect functional cheese product.

“We let cheese do what it should do according to your wishes”


  • Cordon Blue
    Meat with cheese

    We produce a wide selection of high-quality processed cheese and cheese preparations that are perfect as filling or ingredient for meat products. Discover the versatility of our functional cheeses, whether soft and creamy or firmer, providing an unparalleled taste experience. With various formats and shapes like cubes, our cheese is easily adaptable to your meat products. Our dedicated team is ready to help you choose the right cheese preparation. Contact our sales team to create a winning formula for your product!

  • Kaassaus van St. Paul kaas
    Cheese sauce (new)

    Our new development cheese sauce is popular in numerous applications, such as dips, toppings, and meal enhancers. Loaded fries covered with cheddar cheese sauce are gaining popularity in the QSR and foodservice industries, as well as on nachos in the texmex kitchen, on hamburgers, and hotdogs. Our processed cheese expertise allows us to customize the flavor, texture, and type of cheese to meet your specifications. We can add Gouda, Emmentaler, Cheddar, jalapeños, or other ingredients for extra flavor. Contact us to develop the perfect cheese sauce for your needs.

  • Kaasvulling van St. Paul kaas
    Cheese snacks

    Are you looking for delicious and crispy snacks that are completely vegetarian or vegan? Then you’ve come to the right place! We specialize in developing cheese or vegan cheese fillings for your crafted snack. Our melt cheeses with fibrous texture are perfect for use in various snacks because they offer the perfect resistance to heating and do not become soft without melting.

  • Pizza met mozzarella kaasmix van St. Paul
    Pizza / pasta products

    We produce a variety of processed cheeses and cheese preperations as topping or filling for pizza and pasta products. Our cheeses are often blended with other types for ideal flavor, texture and cost efficiency. We also produce traditional Italian mozzarella in forms like grated, sticks, shreds, and ropes. Our unique mozzarella is stretchy and squeezy, making it ideal for pizza ropes, mozzarella sticks, and as grated options for pizzas and lasagnas. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance in selecting the perfect cheeses to meet your pizza and pasta needs.

Cheese format

Our on-site facilities contain the most efficient production machinery enabling high output capacity to meet the requirements of our customers. We are able to produce all our different cheeses and cheese preparations in the format that is suitable for the application and market requirements, both chilled and IQF/frozen.

11kg kaasblok




Geraspte kaas


Verschillende vormen kaas

(Formed by extrusion)

Cheese type

  • Thermized cheese

    Are you looking for a natural and high-quality product with an extended shelf life? Then our thermised cheese is the perfect choice for you. This cheese is treated in a less invasive way than during pasteurisation, which preserves its taste and quality. Our thermised cheese is used in ready-made meals and provides the perfect solution when high microbiological values can be a problem. The thermal treatment between 57 and 68°C reduces micro-organisms, greatly extending its shelf life. Our cheese is 100% natural and produced using an advanced production process where quality always comes first. Discover the superior quality of St. Paul’s thermised cheese for yourself now.

  • Processed cheese

    Looking for processed cheese with improved properties? Look no further than St. Paul! Our processed cheese contains a small amount of added functional ingredients, which allows us to efficiently control the cheese’s properties. For example, we can optimize the meltability of the cheese or prevent it from melting when not desired. At St. Paul, we prioritize the highest quality processed cheese. We use advanced technologies and production processes to deliver the best taste and consistency. Whether you’re looking for processed cheese for snacks, sauces, or other applications, we have the product that meets your specific requirements. Choose St. Paul processed cheese and enjoy the best quality and functionality that the cheese industry has to offer!

  • Preparations with cheese

    Analog cheese and hybrid cheese are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for alternatives to traditional cheese. These products often combine milk and plant-based ingredients and offer various benefits over traditional cheese. Analog cheese make it possible to mimic the texture, taste, and appearance of real cheese. Additionally, they are often cheaper to produce and have better melting and grating properties. Hybrid cheeses, on the other hand, offer the benefits of both real cheese and plant-based ingredients. This allows you to enjoy the taste and texture of real cheese while also benefiting from the sustainability advantages of plant-based ingredients. At St. Paul, we understand the demand for cheese alternatives and offer an extensive selection of high-quality, natural, and healthy options. Our analogous cheeses and hybrid cheeses are made from the best ingredients and offer excellent taste and texture. Whether you are looking for a lactose-free option or simply a healthier alternative to traditional cheese, we have what you are looking for. Try our cheese alternatives today and discover a new world of taste and texture!

  • Plant-based cheese

    Vegan cheese is the trend of the moment! More and more people are choosing a vegan lifestyle and want to eat cheese without animal ingredients. Vegan cheese, also known as plant-based cheese, is the perfect alternative for vegans, or if you want to avoid animal products or are lactose intolerant. Our plant-based cheese contains 100% natural ingredients and has less cholesterol than traditional cheese. What makes this product unique is that it is entirely made with plant-based ingredients, such as oils, proteins, and carbohydrates. Moreover, if necessary, we can add other plant-based alternatives to meet your specific requirements. In addition to the health benefits, plant-based cheese also has environmental benefits. It has a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional cheese, thereby having less impact on the environment. Choose plant-based cheese and contribute to a healthier future for your customers and our planet!

Knakworsten met kaas

Cheese functionality

All our products are available in all processed cheese functionalities:

Non-melt hard cheese

Retains its shape when heated. Can be grated, sliced and diced.

Semi-melt hard cheese

Hard cheese that softens, but does not flow. In meat dishes such as cordon blue and ready-made meals such as lasagne, the cheese becomes soft, but does not spread.

High-melt hard cheese

Hard cheese that spreads when heated. If the topping needs to melt, for example on pizzas, this is the right choice. We have developed the unique Stretchy® concept especially for pizzas.

Semi-melt soft cheese

Cheese that melts when heated, but does not flow. This product is ideal for snacks and is perfectly suited for pumpable applications.

High-melt soft cheese

Pumpable cheese that flows when heated. If the cheese needs to flow, this is the ideal solution. Melts perfectly when heated for snacks such as: cheese soufflés, cheese croquettes and sauces such as cheese sauce.

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