Passion for cheese

St. Paul was founded in 1985 by Dieter and Margo Kuijl, brother and sister from a family where cheese tradition was highly valued. In fact, the passion for cheese goes back more than 9 generations in this entrepreneurial family!

Hard work and entrepreneurship are in their blood. After a number of years operating in the retail market, Dieter and Margo noticed that there was increasing demand for processed cheeses with functional applications and longer shelf life. St. Paul anticipated this and decided in the 1990s to shift its focus to the B2B market, building an innovative production line that met the latest requirements.

And with success! St. Paul quickly grew into a major player in the international food industry. After years of hard work and growth, the factory in Lokeren, Belgium became too small, and in 2016 the company expanded to St. Jansteen in the Netherlands. Margo left the company, but Dieter continued his cheese wizard journey with the next generation: his sons Tim and Wim, daughter Sabrina, son-in-law Samuel, and daughter-in-law Kimberly.

St. Paul is known as a reliable, innovative, flexible, and consistent partner when it comes to industrial cheese solutions. The story of St. Paul is one of passion, perseverance, and entrepreneurship.

“Looking for solutions? We have one... Or we create one!”

We supply cheese solutions that make people happy

We do this together, with pride and passion, with high technology and our mastery.

Created by our many years of rich family tradition and long-term relationships with reliable partners.

We think in terms of generations, do our work with enthusiasm and we are loyal to our customers, employees, suppliers and society.

Market leader

St. Paul is a specialist producer of B2B processed cheese products. We strive to be a leader in our market as a producer of high-quality and functional cheese solutions that meet the highest quality requirements for our customers in the food industry worldwide.

Reliable partner

We keep short lines of communication, are good at developing innovations and finding solutions. But above all, we are involved, loyal and honest in our business operations: a leading and reliable partner for the food industry! We provide the solution to your problem.

Years of experience

We master the knowledge and skills about our products and processes and transfer this from generation to generation, so that we strive for high quality every day, with which we distinguish ourselves. With the extensive range of thermized cheeses and (vegan) “cheese” preparations, we meet the wishes of our customers and we continue to develop on the basis of trends in the market. In this way we create products that make our customers happy.

Family values

We stand for long-term and sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders, we bear responsibility for each other and we do this with sound principles. St. Paul is managed by a board of directors with CEO Dieter Kuijl as ‘front man’. Next to him an experienced and expert management team. Furthermore, we use an advisory board that brings the necessary experience to the long-term decisions. In this way, the management team, which also consists of a number of younger successors from the family, is thoroughly prepared for the future.

From then to now

In this entrepreneurial family, the passion for cheese goes back more than 9 generations! Curious about the milestones of St. Paul until now?

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