Our sponsor policy

St. Paul feels involved in society and wants to make a valuable contribution to it. Sponsorship offers a great opportunity for this. We therefore support and encourage local associations, events and activities, but also international charities or non-profit organizations with a mission that fits our company. From the many sponsorship requests we receive every year, we make a well-considered choice based on a number of conditions. This provides clarity for all parties. We will only consider sponsorship requests that meet the following conditions:

  • The sponsorship must be related to one of three spearheads that St. Paul wishes to focus on in order to contribute: sport, culture or corporate social responsibility;
  • The sponsorship must fit within our standards and values;
  • The regional character plays a major role. We prefer to sponsor associations, events and activities that offer added value to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (the Netherlands) and/or East Flanders (Belgium);
  • There must be sufficient time (at least 12 weeks) between the sponsorship application and the activity;
  • It must be clearly indicated what the performance to be delivered is by both parties. The possibly. the consideration offered must be in proportion to what is requested, whereby name recognition alone is no reason for us to proceed with sponsorship. We encourage a proactive approach to sponsorship applications. Think of social media campaigns with content that is shared on both the account of St. Paul and that of the sponsored party, blogs / vlogs, advertisements, sending photos or videos with a report of the event or activity and / or placing advertisements (such as flags and banners during the event or activity), and/or specific campaigns that can help St. Paul with certain issues.
  • St. Paul wishes to be involved in an evaluation afterwards, in which a certain degree of transparent accountability can be discussed about the spending of the sponsorship provided by us, as well as the effects achieved;
  • St. Paul does not sponsor…
    • Political (related) or religious organizations;
    • Profit organizations or business activities;
    • Individual persons;
    • Study trips and/or parties;
    • Sponsor events and/or activities that can lead to unsafe situations, or that for other reasons do not have the required permit(s) or permission from the competent authorities.

In addition, St. Paul has a policy of sponsoring an event for a maximum of three consecutive years. This is to keep our sponsorship opportunities broad and support a greater diversity of events and activities.

Does your sponsorship application meet the above conditions?
Submit your sponsorship request by email at  info@st-paul.com. We would like to see the following information in your application:

  • Name of the organization;
  • Name, telephone number, and e-mail adress of the contact person;
  • Name of the event and a short description of it (incl. planning);
  • Motivation of the sponsor request and why specifically St. Paul is approached;
  • What you can do for us and what is expected of St. Paul and when.
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