Succesful participation in the Anuga Food Fair through a 360° market approach

St. Paul Group looks back on a successful participation in the Anuga Food Fair in Cologne, which took place in early October. It was no ordinary trade show participation; it was an exceptionally successful fair with an entirely different approach. Success was, in part, attributed to the integration of a 360° marketing campaign, a striking trade show booth, and a white paper offered as a giveaway to potential clients, providing in-depth insights into current trends and developments in the cheese market.

Visual Identity: Consistency in Everything We Do

Studio Zelden – Hungrrry assisted us in creating visually appealing campaign images. These images were consistently used across all our channels, including online on our website, in the social campaign on LinkedIn, in the white paper, and at the trade show. This consistent visual identity strengthened our brand image and made our message instantly recognizable to (potential new) customers.

A New Trade Show Booth

What caught the attention of Anuga visitors who had known St. Paul for a while was our new trade show booth. Designed by Kollective Standenbouw, it had a modern look that immediately drew the visitors’ attention. The innovative layout and design of the booth provided a seamless brand experience and enabled St. Paul to stand out among numerous other exhibitors.

Whitepaper and Online Advertising Campaign

A month before the fair, we initiated our online awareness campaign, with an informative white paper about the latest trends in the cheese market at its center. The title was “Cheese on the Menu: Food Trends and the Impact on Various Cheese Applications.” With this, we targeted developers, buyers, and food marketers to inspire them in developing new cheese applications. We launched a LinkedIn and Google advertising campaign to reach the right audience and extend our reach.

With the white paper as the centerpiece of our campaign, it was also physically distributed at the fair.

Media for a Wider Reach

Additionally, we partnered with leading media in the food industry, including Frozen Food Europe and FoodBusiness. Our white paper was featured in various publications and through their online channels, leading to a substantial expansion of our reach and visibility in the industry, as well as recognition among the broader audience. This demonstrated St. Paul’s in-depth knowledge and expertise in the cheese market and affirmed our authority in the field. It completed the 360° marketing approach and illustrated our success.


St. Paul Group has demonstrated a strategic 360° marketing approach, showcasing an innovative approach with a striking trade show booth, the sharing of in-depth knowledge, and the combination of various communication channels for a successful campaign at a leading food fair. Our experience illustrates how the combination of strategy, creativity, and expertise can transform businesses and enable them to excel in their industry. We hope that our success will inspire others to take similar steps and embark on their own journey towards an optimal market approach.


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