Harm is a jack-of-all-trades at St. Paul

“Harm is a man full of enthusiasm and positivity, and he radiates this in his work at St. Paul.”

Harm Prijs is a man full of enthusiasm and positivity, which he radiates in his work at St. Paul. He has been working with us since June 2020 and enjoys it very much. Before joining St. Paul, he worked for Warrens Elektro, where he already performed 90% of his work for St. Paul. Unfortunately, Harm had to say goodbye to his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a decrease in work. However, this was short-lived because two weeks later, Sarina Kuijl called him to come talk about a job at St. Paul, and he seized the opportunity with both hands!

Harm didn’t have to think long about saying yes to the offer. He already had a good idea of the company and the way of working and felt right at home immediately. At St. Paul, Harm doesn’t have a fixed job title. He is a jack-of-all-trades and can be deployed for all kinds of work, from painting to carpentry and excavation work, both on St. Paul itself and in Koewacht, where he, for example, completely lined the mancave of the St. Paul racing team. He also takes care of the animals in the petting zoo on the premises, such as the chickens and goats, on a daily basis.

But that’s not all. Since the renovations within the company, Harm has been the contact person for all kinds of matters to relieve his supervisor, Wim. He has become indispensable to the team. No day is the same at St. Paul; that makes the work for Harm super fun. He enjoys the good working atmosphere and always goes to work with pleasure. So, it’s no surprise to hear him whistle while he’s working. If he’s not whistling, it’s on Tuesday, his regular day off because he’s fishing then. Harm has a good relationship with his colleagues and can drop in anywhere to have a chat. Even when he’s not working, he stays involved with his colleagues. For example, he occasionally goes golfing with them in his free time.

Although Harm is now 62 years old and nearing the end of his career, he is not thinking about stopping yet. He hopes to continue taking care of the chickens and goats in the petting zoo after his retirement and maybe work for a day or two. Because sitting still is not his thing. Harm likes to stay active and involved with St. Paul. We are fortunate to have such an enthusiastic employee as Harm!

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